Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"California Autumn Medley"

"California Autumn Medley" - Oil - 30" x 24" - SOLD

With foreground cottonwoods steeped in rich autumn colors, the coastal atmosphere veils distant mountains in soft light. This part of the autumn color season is brief and a delay or heavy wind can render an artist's subject a denuded skeleton.

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joel ferraris said...

Hi Susan,

I really admire your paintings especially on how the landscapes project the colors of your place.

I was there in the US last year, my first time because of my first solo show there, but it was already during the initial days of winter in Pittsburgh. I wasn't able to see the colors of autumn.

I hope that I will be back one day and paint those real landscapes there like you do.

More power to you and your art!

Joel Ferraris