Friday, June 06, 2008

"Simple Eloquence"

"Simple Eloquence" - Oil - 11" x 14" - SOLD
"Snow scenes are a joy to paint. The clean, crisp air and brilliant light always make a dramatic
statement...simple eloquence. " --- SFG

Work in progress:

I drew in my subject in a darker color this time just to provide more contrast in the painting. Also, it might photograph better.

At this stage, I'm playing with shapes... the shapes of the trees, the lay of the land, and the
snowdrifts, and the color of the shadows. I know I will not have the usual
relationship of values in a landscape. With snow, it usually takes over. It will
reflect so much light that the sky will not be the lightest element, as it
usually is. Also, I'm feeling my way, trying to make that background recede and
keeping the foreground in its proper place.

Here I've covered the canvas and established the big relationships of color as big shapes.
I like the big field of snow as the middle ground since it's painted well and I
will build on that and use it to serve as the center of interest and lead to the
mountains in the back.

Well there it is. Keeping it simple really worked for this painting. The
variations in the color of the snow, a little calligraphy, and careful
changes in the values kept it all together. It fell in place nicely.

Simple eloquence.

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