Sunday, July 06, 2008


"Cash" - Oil - 14" x 11" - $195

"Using his stage name, this terrific Western art model was available in Jackson Hole, WY. He acts in one of the local theatre groups and, from the wit and personality he showed as he modeled, must have stolen the show. For this more serious look, he assumed another role." --- SFG

If you've been watching this blog, the lapse in postings for the last two weeks were the result of a continuing education sesson. I enjoyed Carolyn Anderson's workshop very much. She always challenges me. Then, we became refugees from the wildfires and smoke near our home in northern California. Just another little adventure, thank goodness.


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Elisabeth Cottier-Fábián said...

I greatly admire and enjoy Susan Greaves's portraits and figures: she can capture the 'feeling' of someone, as very few contemporary artists can... Having already bought FIVE of such portraits, I can testify to the fact that they're delightful paintings to have in one's home. They've presence and charm- and great character...
How come art lovers don't seem to be as enthusiastic about portraits, as I am? Yes, landscapes have their own atmosphere, as well; but the human face, and its expressions -when they're well caught on canvas- are something one never tires of.
Congratulations, Susan. You do remarkable work.
Elisabeth Cottier-F.