Monday, October 05, 2009

"Lilacs and Twilight"

"Lilacs and Twilight" - Oil - 11" x 14" - $400

"I'm always attracted to a tranquil scene and this fit the bill perfectly. All was in cool shadow and backlit by the evening sky. The rough condition of the barn synced with the profusion of lilac shrubs left untended. Their chaotic condition added just enough action and texture to draw the eye." --- SFG

My usual line drawing in cadmium red went over a white-washed painting that was unsuccessful. I'm careful to remove any raised paint on the surface of the old painting with a palette knife or sandpaper.

I became so engrossed in painting this one that I forgot to take as many shots as I usually do, but even at this point, you can tell that I've kept mostly simple, flat shapes of color. You can see in the finished painting, how "details" were placed over the early shapes and did not disturb their structure.

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