Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"A Walk in January"

"A Walk in January" - Oil - 11" x 14"

"This unusually warm day took me to a nearby neighborhood. Though it was sunny, the light was still cooler than that on a summer day. The light and the almost-bare trees testify to the season." --- SFG

NOTE TO ARTISTS: Here is another work that was painted primarily on location, but finalized in the studio. Here are the before and after for you to compare.

The contrast in the unfinished work was a bit too wimpy, though, to stay true to the scene I kept it within bounds. By punching up the white trim on the center house, the architecture is more solid. I added shapes to the plantings to break up the blank walls and reduced the background house on the right to closer values, so focus would remain on the center of interest. I added the mail box on the right to stop the eye and return it to the painting. Otherwise, the sweep of the sidewalk accelerated the movement and swept the viewer off the canvas.

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