Friday, November 30, 2012

"The Green Scarf" 14" x 11" Portrait Oil on Canvas Panel

eBay Auction NOW  - Starting bid $95 -- Was $400
"The Green Scarf" -- Oil on Canvas Panel  -- 14" x 11"

"Following in the style of Carolyn Anderson, a fine teacher and finer artist, I was enamored with this model's red hair against the green scarf."  --- SFG

Choose your instructors carefully. If you take from many teachers that have too diverse points of view, you will inevitably confuse yourself. There are many teachers who paint similarly and base their instruction on foundational principles. Their work will be similar in quality, if not in style.

Once you have determined that  an artist/teacher has similar views to those presented in your previous studies and are in class, follow his techniques and ideas. That's what you are paying for. Whether you later discard those you cannot use at this point in your development, you have benefited from the experiment. The purpose of a class is not to produce finished paintings!

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