Sunday, November 17, 2013

Continuing the series of painting done in Taos....

The weather was outstanding the entire week Alla Prima International spent in Taos, NM. However, one morning was overcast. We stayed near the hotel and I painted from an upstairs balcony. This view was of a neighbor's large tree and the field of purple asters beyond. 

Unfinished painting after plein air session

Evaluating the painting later, I felt the left side beyond the tree was confusing. The light roofs of sheds below the tree slope were not explained well. Further, the fence was incomplete. I decided to extend the road across the canvas behind the tree to unite the left and right side. A little more work on the tree and the fence topped it off.

Finished painting

"Tree and Asters, Taos"   11" x 14"  Oil

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