Thursday, July 30, 2015

When Does a Painting Take Thirty Years to Paint?

"The Dance"  -- 12" x 16" -- Oil

I took a photo of this dancer at a performance at our local mall in the 1980's. I loved the dynamic subject and flashing color. Despite my enthusiasm, I couldn't bring myself to attempt it, so the photo sat in my files all those years. Occasionally, I'd run across it, admire it, and return it to the box. I wasn't ready. As many classes I've attended, as many fabulous instructors I've had, as many outstanding artists I "talked art" with... I simply wasn't ready. 

I was intimidated by the drawing of the figure. I wasn't sure of the composition. I did not have a good understanding of edges. I was unsure of my brushwork and I didn't know how to make it mine. I wasn't ready.

In the last couple of years, I've done quite a bit of experimenting. Playing with mixing and applying the paint differently. Destroying and re-establishing edges. Throwing color around with abandon. Diving into a timidly painted piece and making it a success. Not only has my work improved, in my opinion, but I discovered how to solve many problems in different ways. And, most importantly, I became more adventurous and confident.

After 30 years, I WAS READY.

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