Monday, June 11, 2018

“I lived the life I chose to live”… to paraphrase the great thinker Charles Krauthammer.

In 1986, I was chosen as an “Emerging Artist” by American Artist Magazine. At the time, it was the leading art magazine for both artists and collectors in the country, so I was delighted to be chosen from a field of over 1400 artists. It seemed to say that the art world was ready for me. I hoped the recognition would pave the way for my work to be seen and accepted broadly. But, I was not ready for the art world.

As a member of the one-foot-in-the-past-and-one-foot-in-the-future generation of women and fortunate to be able to choose, I set my own priorities. Seeing my children nurtured and successfully launched and sharing a good life with my hard-working and adventurous husband was matched - successfully, I think - with time spent in my beloved studio, growing and learning to be the best painter I could be.

I was fed by recognition of my peers and acknowledgement by friends and collectors. My students offered listening ears and much joy.

After many years and self-scrutiny of my work, I’m convinced that it is nearing its peak. Now, I’m ready for the art world. I can communicate my message and communication is the real purpose of art. Completing that cycle of communication between artist and buyer, when someone comprehends the message and wants to live with it indefinitely, is the culmination of my last 40 years’ effort. 

This is a heartfelt thank you to my collectors. I hope you find my latest work as satisfying as I do. If you have not seen my work recently, visit my Facebook page at (it’s public) and see why I have arrived at this philosophical point.

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