Wednesday, March 04, 2009

"Cool Day at Clear Creek"

"Cool Day at Clear Creek" - Oil - 11" x 14" - $195

"The Redding, California, area is becoming home to many delightful trails for walking, mountain biking, etc. A new one follows Clear Creek through areas that previously were not easily accessable. This rugged canyon is cut sharply through granite and roars in the springtime. In autumn, when this painting was done, it is still very dramatic and offers gravel beds for spawning salmon." --- SFG

This complicated rock formation had to be broken down into two basic values of light and shadow. Since the sun was so strong coming from the left and the far bank was in deep shadow, it was easy to do so. I had to be careful from then on to keep everything in shadow simplified and within a very close value range. I constructed the painting so that the diagonals countered one another and led the eye to the sunlit boulders and the soft needles of the two small trees. The bright coloration of the foliage at the point of the sunlit bank was the strongest contrast in color and value.

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