Thursday, March 05, 2009

"Half Dome, Yosemite"

"Half Dome, Yosemite" - Oil - 24" x 20" - $395

"This famous landmark in Yosemite National Park is familiar to legions who love the out-of-doors. No, I did not stand with my feet freezing in the snow this time, but I've turned a photo record into a credible artwork. Photos are not truthful - colors are inaccurate and shapes are distorted by the camera lens - , so I had to incorporate the storehouse of knowledge I've accumulated in my 35 years of painting." --- SFG

Nothing can replace painting on location to hone one's skills and provide all of the information needed to produce a skillful work. However, almost all fine artists will add refinements to small works or use the plein air sketch to produce larger works in the studio. Surprisingly, for a large work, you need more detail...meaning information..., not less.

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Pam Holnback said...

You really captured the light and snow in this piece. Living in Colorado, I know you can't always paint outside and need to work from photos and change the light and color. And, I'm currently working on a large painting from a small work, and yes, you do need much moire detail.