Friday, March 13, 2009

"Mendocino Morning Glow"

"Mendocino Morning Glow" - Oil - 9" x 12" - $300

"Mendocino, that pocket of East Coast architecture and culture transplanted a continent away, enjoys misty mornings and soft light that enhance its romantic mystique. Only the unique water towers and trees shaped by the Pacific wind belie the location."

For the last year or more, I've concentrated on more dramatic atmospheric effects. Since I'm mostly a fair weather plein air painter now, I've had to draw on those years of experience and knowledge of what light and color do. I've found that I pay more attention to composition when I'm 'painting out of my head'. Such an approach was advocated by my best teachers, as long as it was only one of the methods used and direct observation was practiced most often. --- SFG

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