Sunday, April 21, 2013


"Bygone" - Oil - 12" x 16"

"Almost yearly, I paint with other members of Alla Prima International, a group of professional artists and friends who have known each other since the early 80's. A couple of years ago, we met in Cambria, California, for two weeks and painted the coast. One of our members is from Paso Robles and guided us to vineyards and wineries in the area. This one had an old truck, reduced to a skeleton and listing, in its workyard that gave character to the buildings and old silo." --- SFG

NOTE TO ARTISTS: White buildings aren't just white. You can see in this painting the warmth of the sun and the reflected light on the shadow side. Note that the shadow under the eve and the top of the shadowed wall is warmer because of the reflected light bouncing off the ground. Fun to paint!

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