Monday, April 08, 2013

"Surf and Sediment, Montana de Oro" - Auction Starts Today On eBay at 6 PM PT

"Surf and Sediment, Montana de Oro"   - 9" x 12"  - Oil

 "I return almost yearly to the San Luis Obispo, Moro Bay, Los Osos, Cambria, Cayucos area in southern California to paint with friends. The surroundings offer a wealth of subjects. This day, we went to Montana de Oro State Park where the sedimentary layers are intriguing and become an interesting counterpoint to the ever-surging waves."  --- SFG
NOTE TO ARTISTS: Painting moving water is always a challenge. In scenes like these where the focal point is a stationary object, I determine what action of the water will reinforce the main idea and then watch for it to be repeated as the waves come in. It is impossible to "see" everything that happens at once since you can focus on only one area at a time. Therefore, you must be selective. It can work in your favor.

Artist: Susan F. Greaves, KA, API

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