Thursday, April 04, 2013

"Santa Fe Garden" - Auction Starts Today On eBay at 6 PM PT

"Santa Fe Garden"   - 8" x 6"  - Oil

"Adobe walls are everywhere in Santa Fe and they glow with color whether they are in sun or in shadow. While visiting friends there, I set up my easel on the patio and painted this portion of their garden framed by the patio wall. The contrast of light and shadow enhanced the bits of color sprinkled through the beds."  --- SFG
NOTE TO ARTISTS: It's difficult to paint when you are traveling. Usually, I don't want to miss any of the fun the others are having, or I'm tempted to read or nap, or I don't want to interupt our sightseeing, but I'm never sorry that I made the effort. Not only do I have a painting to show for it and skills are reinforced, but I have a bit of a diary of the trip. I may forget other things we have seen, but I never forget a painting location.

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