Tuesday, April 02, 2013

"Morning Light Near Tucson" - Oil - 9" x 12" $85

7-Day eBay Auction - Starts Today at 6 PM PDT
"Morning Light Near Tucson" - Oil - 9" x 12"

"I am lucky to have artist friends across the US and visiting and painting plein air with them is not only fun, but inspiring. This day, I went out with friend Geri Acosta and we painted the mountains near her Tucson home. I enjoyed designing the diagonals to represent the intricate planes before us."  --- SFG

NOTE TO ARTISTS: Be conscious of where you are leading the eye. Many of my landscapes are orchestrated diagonals for this purpose. Here, the diagonal at the base of the near hill in shadow on the right is countered by the long diagonal that leads the eye across and up to the right. The triangular outcropping stops the eye and leads back down to a similar triangle to the left. And so on....

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