Tuesday, April 09, 2013

"Pacific Energy" - Auction Starts Today On eBay at 6 PM PT

"Pacific Energy"   - 12" x 12"  - Oil

"Here is another southern California scene painted on location - plein air - just north of Cambria, California. In this limited area, the cliffs are orangey-yellow and beautifully counter the blue-green of the blooming vegetation. It was a sun-drenched day that made painting a special pleasure."  --- SFG
NOTE TO ARTISTS: Within a small area, as is this park at the north end of Moonstone Beach in Cambria, California, are many choices of subject matter. I could have chosen the dramatic dark-colored formations at the point, the people in the park, the birds swooping over guano-painted outcroppings, the wind-sculpted pines, and so on. Thoroughly investigate your site before setting up your easel. If I have time to paint only one subject, I choose the most dramatic. If I have all day, I choose most obvious first, the one that I will not have to re-design and seems to "paint itself". While I'm painting that one, my subconscious must be working because when it's time to move on, I have usually figured out how to handle the more challenging view.

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