Friday, April 05, 2013

"Shasta Lennies" - Auction Starts Today On eBay at 6 PM PT

"Shasta Lennies"  - Oil - 24" x30"

"Snow-capped Mt. Shasta can be seen for over a 100 miles in northern California and, in my mind, is the queen of the Sierras. This summer evening image shows the shadowed forest at her feet while the red-hued base and sunlit snow glow behind. Since my husband is a pilot, I couldn't help notice the lens-shaped clouds trailing to the northwest as the mountain wave condensed the moisture on the far side.(It can be quite thrilling to unexpectedly encounter that wave in flight.)"  --- SFG

NOTE TO ARTISTS: This painting is a studio painting based on photos and my firsthand observations. Don't be afraid to experiment with lighting. Lighting, more than almost any other element in a landscape describes the feeling of the artist when he saw the subject. "Pushing it" a bit will intensify the effect. 

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