Monday, April 01, 2013

"Lilacs Plein Air" - Oil - 14" x 18" Starting Bid $175

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"Lilacs Plein Air" - Oil - 14" x 18" Starting Bid $175

"Painting lilacs every year is a special pleasure. I usually place the arrangement in my studio and paint in a haze, drunk with the intoxicating aroma. For this painting, however, I set the blooms outside and enjoyed the perfect spring weather. I was pleased to have captured my bouyant spirit."  --- SFG

NOTE TO ARTISTS: Have you ever noticed that your paintings often reflect your comfort as you are painting? There is nothing wrong with looking for a shady or, if it's cold, a sunny spot to set up your easel. On this day, I timed my painting session for early afternoon when the shadow begins to creep across our deck. I put my easel in the shade and the still life was in sun. That's why I titled the other painting of this setup "A Perfect Day."

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