Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Saucy Monday" - Auction Starts Today On eBay at 6 PM PT

"Saucy Monday"   - 24" x 24"  - Oil

"This studio painting was based on a series of photographs I took years ago in a workshop. We had colorful models and the line of waving laundry that caught the sunlight leaking through the tree canopies. I love the gesture of this spirited 'laundress'."  --- SFG
NOTE TO ARTISTS: I am so glad that I took numerous photos of the models this day as well as paint. I have painted several paintings from them and never cease to be inspired by the photos. Ideally, I could have the models in front of me throughout the process, but larger works are usually best done in the studio from studies and what I call "photo sketches". The studies remind me of the color and the photos offer details that I've forgotten.

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